In coming up with a new brand identity for S3H, I wanted to address the past to help future-proof a brand and to raise the bar for a rapidly-growing company. S3H’s distinct marks were inspired by the power that comes from the synergy between senior leaders and their teams. We often come up with innovative solutions that look different from the pack, which I think is exactly what it means to be different.

With our new brand identity, our name and corporate culture now reflect who we are as a company—from the work we do to the way we do it, we think big and push boundaries and always be going beyond the status quo.

This campaign was a natural evolution for S3H, given that we have spent so much of our history empowering others to feel good about themselves and their work. Our passion and purpose—for inspiration—is at the heart of everything we do.

Even before this campaign, our work has always been rooted in the philosophy that every individual has the ability to do extraordinary things. We work with businesses and individuals from all backgrounds to provide the tools, training and support they need to unlock their full potential. We have built a global community of entrepreneurs, business leaders and creative professionals to support each other in their professional and personal development—helping many reach personal and professional milestones they might not otherwise achieve.

Over the past 12 months we have invested heavily in our communication and brand strategy. We feel that we now have the right team in place and the right communication and brand strategy to achieve its goals. At the same time we remain acutely aware of the need to enhance the performance. To that end we are planning todevelop and launch some new initiatives in the marketplace.

We on the move to further improve its communications and brand strategy and grow and scale in the market. We are very excited about the future and are confident in its ability to deliver growth and returns to all our stakeholders. But the true power of this brand is when it’s put into action, through sharing our extraordinary story with our clients and the communities in which we live and work. With our new name, we hope that more people will recognize us for what we do.