A corporate blog can be run on JAMstack, which is a modern approach to building websites and applications that uses JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. Here are some steps to setting up a corporate blog using JAMstack:

Choose a static site generator: Choose a static site generator, such as Gatsby, Hugo, or Next.js, that best fits your needs and preferred programming language.

Decide on a hosting platform: Decide on a hosting platform, such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Vercel, that supports the static site generator you have chosen.

Design the blog: Design the blog, including the layout, navigation, and look and feel, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Implement the content management system (CMS): Implement a CMS, such as Sanity, Contentful, or Netlify CMS, to manage the content of the blog. The CMS should integrate with the static site generator and hosting platform.

Populate the blog with content: Populate the blog with content, such as blog posts, pages, and images.

Deploy the blog: Deploy the blog to the hosting platform, making sure to test and validate the performance and security of the site.

Launch and promote: Launch the blog and promote it using social media, email, and other marketing channels.

By using JAMstack, a corporate blog can be fast, secure, and scalable, and can provide a great user experience for visitors. JAMstack also provides a flexible and efficient development workflow, making it easier for teams to add new features, fix bugs, and update content.