• New brand identity for S3H

    In coming up with a new brand identity for S3H, I wanted to address the past to help future-proof a brand and to raise the bar for a rapidly-growing company. S3H’s distinct marks were inspired by the power that comes from the synergy between senior leaders and their teams. We often come up with innovative solutions that look different from the pack, which I think is exactly what it means to be different.

  • Pandemic as an opportunity to reevaluate life and work choices

  • No more Côte d'Azur for Russian oligarchs

    Photo of the day: Titan, a $100 million yacht, owned by Russian oligarch Alexander Abramov

  • MKTG DEV 2022

    MKTG DEV 2022: How to leverage social media presence Marketing Development Conference

  • WiFi as a Service

    “Whether it’s in commercial office buildings, warehouses buzzing with robots, retail environments, hospitals or healthcare centers, our dependency on the internet is only growing, and Meter empowers any company to spin up a network as easily and seamlessly as it would a new EC2 server. After set-up, automatic maintenance ensures that the network then fades into the background instead of expending valuable engineering resources,” said Anil Varanasi, CEO and co-founder of Meter. “Long term, Meter’s mission is to provide network infrastructure for any space as a turnkey utility – so when a company moves in, WiFi is up and running in a few clicks, instead of taking weeks of back and forth with many external vendors.”