• What is the role of religion in the modern world

    Religion plays a variety of roles in the modern world, both positive and negative. Some of the ways that religion impacts the modern world include:

  • How is the economic downturn hurting the creator economy?

    An economic downturn can have a variety of negative impacts on the creator economy, which refers to the group of people who create and sell digital content, such as art, music, writing, and video.

  • Can companies be run like democracies?

    In some cases, companies have implemented practices that allow employees to have a greater say in decision-making processes, similar to how democratic systems function. These practices are often referred to as “participative management” or “employee empowerment.”

  • Fish Memory Syndrome

    In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant flow of information and stimuli. It’s no surprise, then, that as a society, we have a tendency to forget things quickly. As Michael Crichton once said, “The audience does not remember yesterday, let alone last week, or last month.”

  • Living a longer life is no longer sufficient

    In the past, the primary focus of healthcare and public health efforts has been on increasing life expectancy. While this is certainly an important goal, it is no longer enough to simply live a longer life. Instead, we should be striving to create environments that support both long and healthy lives.