There are several key features of the American innovation system that help to maintain the United States’ global economic leadership. These include:

Strong research and development (R&D) infrastructure: The United States has a well-developed R&D infrastructure, including a robust network of universities and research institutions, as well as a strong venture capital industry that helps to fund the development of new technologies and businesses.

Intellectual property protection: The United States has a strong intellectual property system that protects the rights of inventors and innovators, which helps to incentivize innovation and encourage the development of new products and technologies.

Access to capital: The United States has a financial system that provides entrepreneurs and innovators with access to capital, including venture capital, angel investors, and crowdfunding platforms.

Skilled workforce: The United States has a highly skilled and educated workforce, including a large number of scientists, engineers, and other professionals who are trained in advanced technologies and are able to contribute to the development of new innovations.

Collaborative innovation ecosystem: The United States has a collaborative innovation ecosystem that brings together researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry partners to work on new ideas and technologies. This includes initiatives such as research consortia, incubators, and accelerators.

By fostering these key features of the American innovation system, the United States is able to maintain its global economic leadership and continue to drive innovation and economic growth.