• How data can help companies better understand and improve the employee experience

    Data can be a powerful tool for helping companies better understand and improve the employee experience. By collecting and analyzing data on various aspects of the employee experience, companies can gain valuable insights into what is working well and what areas need improvement.

  • Organisations will lose valuable employees who are GenZ nomads unless...

    As the world becomes increasingly connected and globalized, a new type of worker is emerging: the GenZ nomad. These young, highly-skilled employees are characterized by their willingness to work remotely and their desire for flexibility and mobility. They are drawn to organizations that offer them the opportunity to work from anywhere and to travel and explore new places.

  • Climate change-induced disasters are a stark reminder that investing in climate resilience is an imperative

    Climate change is a reality that we must all confront and address. It is a global problem that requires a global solution, and it is something that we can no longer afford to ignore. One of the most pressing issues related to climate change is the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters, which are often exacerbated by rising global temperatures.

  • Social media has the power to transform lives

    Social media has become an integral part of modern life, connecting people across the globe and enabling them to share ideas, thoughts, and experiences with one another. At its core, social media is driven by a belief in the power of community and its potential to transform lives and create a fairer society.

  • Why performance review process is never perfect

    Performance review processes are designed to provide feedback to employees on their job performance and to identify areas for improvement. While these processes can be useful, they are never perfect for a number of reasons: